Making sure each resident is healthy and well-nourished
senior woman and young woman eating food

Health, quality of life, and response to treatment are greatly affected by food and nutrition. This is why our dedicated staff of clinical dietitians assess each resident’s nutritional need, creating an individualized care plan that considers therapeutic, rehabilitative, and personal goals, as well as values and religious beliefs. This plan is periodically evaluated and revised as needed.

The facility ensures that meals are delivered in a wholesome and attractive manner. Our menus are planned to help prevent and/or control a range of medical conditions; we can also accommodate those on hemodialysis, those who require tube feeding, or those with swallowing difficulties and food sensitivities. Residents are encouraged to participate in the menu planning process, and individual preferences are always a top priority.

Food service personnel and clinical dietitians coordinate with the other members of the Interdisciplinary Team to ensure that nutritional goals and resident satisfaction are being met.

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